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Solitaire offers a range eyelash extensions including Semi permanent lashes which last for 6- 8 weeks as well as clusters of three to your actual lashes, giving the effect of a full and natural look. For those that just want a quick fix strip lashes are also available

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions £70.00
Clusters Eyelash Extensions £45.00
Infills £50.00
Strip Lashes £15.00
Eyelash Lift £50.00

Before Individual and Cluster Lashes- Make sure you have have had a glue patch test 24 hours prior to application
Beware of irritation if you wear contact lenses or suffer from hayfever.

Blondes may want to tint their lashes a darker shade before applying lashes to give a more natural appearance.

Your lashes need tender loving care. No oily remover, mascara, curlers or rubbing your eyes.
Lashes take getting used to and your eyes may feel irritable immediately after but the discomfort will subside so you can fully enjoy the new glamorous you.
Lashes may fall out naturally with original lashes over the fortnightly period